Technical Support

With the current demand for specialized professionals, increasingly critical environments where downtime cannot occur, we highlight in the market with highly trained technicians that have experience on large multinational companies, where availability and speed is essential.

Technical support to users of a company is usually expensive and also difficult to manage or measure their satisfaction. INconnet has a Call and SLA management system to serve its users combined with a high level of satisfaction with speed, commitment, cordiality.

IT Support

To have an efficient management of IT is necessary to have a very large investment on technical staff and training for professionalization, standard policies and IT management. INconnet has the expertise needed with the low cost to your company have the necessary infrastructure, quality and safety in your network.


Providing outsourcing services is one of the modalities that has grown the most in the IT field. For many, seen only as a way to reduce costs, we have a different view, that we become partners and so we bring our knowledge to the IT of your business while you can focus on your business.
We can bring in addition to cost reduction, improved service quality and better business approach, which can be measured through SLAs (Service Level Agreement), facilitates the management of IT costs.

IT Projects

We work with network projects, telecommunications, server virtualization, wireless survey, among others. Always with high quality in line with market proven standards (ITIL, COBIT, PMP ...) and taking into account the customer's business need:
    • Network - High level projects using technologies and methodologies already tested and proven in the market, such as VoIP, Wireless and Data. equipment configuration such as routers, switches, services such as DHCP and DNS.

    • Data Centers - We have experience with various scenarios and technologies for this, bringing specific solutions to many common problems such as design, maintenance, management and inventory of equipment, disaster recovery and high availability, thereby reducing the cost.

    • Server virtualization - Aimed at small and medium companies that want to reduce the number of physical servers in your data center or provide virtual environments for its employees.

  • Wireless Survey - This type of project aims to find the best location for access points, aiming to cover the entire work area and check for possible interference with the signal from the wireless network. It can be done before the installation of equipment in the office, and after to get better signal problems.

Network and Telecomunications

Our services cover the full range of support requirements, from design and network management through customer service operations. We combine the best of fixed broadband and wireless, to deliver solutions that are flexible, agile and resilient with dedicated program management teams and state-of-the-art support systems.

Broadband Solutions for Service Providers

  • Networking Hardware and Software
  • Company's network services
Supported applications
  • VoIP
  • VPN

IT Management

In order to successfully respond to market needs, business processes need to be fast, efficient, secure and customizable. The aim is therefore the effective implementation of business requirements. In addition to the design of IT processes, an optimized IT strategy considers that the implementation of its resources, that is, data, applications, technologies, systems and people.

We offer experience and quality based on our experience in the design of IT and the introduction of IT systems processes. From design to implementation of your IT management strategy, we are a reliable and competent partner.

Software Asset Management

  • Supplier management.
  • IT backup and disaster recovery.
  • Planning and capacity management.
  • Security patches and review.
  • The development of IT policies.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the backbone of a communication system. So Inconnet works so that all the issues involved in planning, installation and maintenance of network communication system, are considered, providing our customers the entire telecommunications infrastructure to meet current and future needs.

Our services include:

  • Project structured cabling system.
  • Preparation of structured cabling specifications.
  • Database development for cable management.
  • Installation of structured cabling.
  • Installation of optic fiber.
  • Installation of wiring shelves, cabinets and switchboards.
  • Extended manufacturer warranty.
  • Cable certification and compliance testing.

IT Recycle

We believe the best way to recycle IT equipment is to reuse all the products that can be salvaged. We test all equipment for proper functionality and use our best efforts to repair any usable equipment.

If the equipment can not be reused, we break it down and recycle it. Separate scrap material (copper, steel, circuit board, etc.) that is then passed to an appropriate partner to recycle downstream. This whole process is consistent with the law.

Equipments we collect

  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Desktops
  • Routers
  • Laptops
  • Monoitors
  • Apple Equipments
  • Telephones
  • Mobile phones
  • TVs
  • Network equipments

Hardware Maintenance

The system downtime translates directly into lost productivity, lost revenue and can have a significant impact on your business. So we provide a comprehensive hardware maintenance option, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

We know that all the equipment has a useful life time and that at some point some components may deteriorate and stop working.

With this purpose, we have specialized teams in maintaining systems and hardware from various brands and manufacturers and we can guarantee that once there is a problem of this origin in your company, this problem becomes ours.

We work with aggressive SLA's so there is no unavailability of your assets and if it occurs, we seek the fastest and most efficient solution to have the least impact for your employees and collaborators, this wayreducing again the costs of unavailability and having your employees always working without any drawback.

Hardware maintenance services provides high quality support and at the same time the flexibility to choose the level of service required by your company:

  • Database repair and services on site.
  • Choose of coverage and working hours.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Remote support and predictive.
  • Choice of response times.

Hardware Import

Hardware import with total safety, agility and attractive prices.
The entire process is up to to our company, which has extensive experience to ensure total satisfaction, since the acquisition of the part abroad until actual delivery.
Parts for maintenance or new equipment without borders and at your disposal.

What you need is not on our list of services?

If the solution you need is not listed in our services, please contact us so we can make an assessment and propose to you on demand a customized solution. We also have several prominent partners in the market which we can give good references to assist you with safety and convenience.

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